Hevo Activate

Sync your customer data across your tools

Hevo Activate helps send your data from your data warehouse to any marketing, sales, or business application of your choice.

Use Cases
Get the most out of your customer data by focussing on the right data points.

Sync Product Data into your Sales CRM

Get all your product data in your CRM tool and track user activity. Bucket users based on their activity and improve product adoption. Prevent users from churning by identifying issues in adoption.

Build 360 View of Customer and Sync-up Sales CRM

Having access to siloed data from different tools in your stack which can be synced with your Sales CRM, you can understand your customers better with every vantage point.

Create Segments of Users and make your marketing team efficient

Let your marketing team target the visitors who really matter instead of wasting time. Focus on channels which convert better and maximize your ROI.

Create a complete customer profile to enrich your support team

Help your support team to automatically prioritize tickets of your enterprise customers. You can sync all the customer data into your support software and have them respond quicker with holistic customer background.
Understand your customers better and faster
Empower your business teams to better understand your customers on their own by getting the relevant data in the tools that they use.

Works on your Existing Warehouse

Activate works on top of your existing data warehouse so all your data stays in one place.

No engineering help required

Anyone can easily set up & sync data without relying on the engineering team.

Hassle-free Data Flows

Quickly sync your data in a ready to be used format without any custom configuration.

Continuous or Scheduled Sync

Data syncs can be in real-time or scheduled based on the requirement.

Features that Help You Focus on Your Key Tasks
With robust functionalities, Activate allows you to handle any errors with ease and understand your progression with detailed reporting.
Match Data Type

Automated Data-type conversion

In case of any data incompatibility, Activate would automatically convert the value to match the target data type.


On Demand Sync

Users would get the option to restart sync and also get run now option to run the sync on demand.


Smart Error Handling

In case of permanent errors the sync would be paused automatically. Get notified for sync errors, fix them and resume again.


Track your Progress

Check the progress made by current running activation on the progress page.

How it Works
Stop waiting for hours or days to find actionable data insights. Getting started with
Hevo Activate is super easy!

Connect Warehouse

Connect to your data warehouse such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake or Google BigQuery.


Write a Query

In Query mode, write a query using which the data would be fetched from the source.


Select target and map query output

Choose the CRM tool where you want to sync your data. Select the field you want to sync and map it to the target field of the target table.

Our Customers Love Us
Data-Driven businesses across different industries and geographies, trust Hevo with their analytics needs.

Hevo solved one of my core needs - getting complex data transformations done on the fly with ease. Quick integrations with complete flexibility and control makes Hevo a perfect complement to our data engineering team.

Swati Singhi
Head Of Technology

At WECHEER, we wanted to set up our entire data in the data warehouse for our data analysis team, but data integration from different source systems was a major challenge. We evaluated a lot of different tools but Hevo was just perfect for our use case.

Mihai Ciureanu

Sync Data From Your Data Warehouse to your Application