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Masterclass Masterclass

Marketing Analytics Masterclass

Join thousands of marketing technologists, experts, and innovators to harness the real power of your marketing Data & Analytics and drive business growth.

Summit creating-value-from-customer-data-with-marketing-ops-and-analytics

Augment - Marketing Ops and Analytics Summit

Creating Value from Customer Data with Marketing Ops and Analytics

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Webinar how-to-integrate-your-data-on-firebolt-using-hevo

How to Integrate your Data on Firebolt Using Hevo

Webinar simplifying-change-data-capture

Simplifying Change Data Capture

Ruben Ugarte
Data Strategist, Practico Analytics
Webinar how-to-build-a-modern-data-stack

How to Build a Modern Data Stack

Ruben Ugarte
Data Strategist, Practico Analytics
Workshop implementing-next-level-of-personalization-at-scale

Implementing Next-level of Personalization at Scale